This trade week has been my most successful one so far. The biggest change I employed has been shifting the majority of sell orders to Hek and Rens. Although these hubs would be considered small in terms of traded volume, their distance from Jita and ready availability to service a large portion of low sec has yielded above average profits with little competition when compared to larger hubs.

Combined with the skill DAYTRADING, which allows for the remote modification of buy and sell orders up to an entire region at level 5, I was able to maintain presence across multiple hubs with only 3 dedicated trader characters. With this in mind, I will see about stretching my influence even more to surrounding back water regions.

Even though I have increased the number of markets in which I seed goods, the amount of individual item types that I traded was actually lower than when I was only focused primarily on trading in a single station. I currently find myself in a position where I am trading the same types of items across several hubs; essentially building a portfolio. I will continue to explore this idea and see if it can be refined as a tool to squeeze a bit more efficiency out of the markets.



The strangest market behavior by far came from the Crosslink Compact Ballistic Control System. During the week, I saw this item swing wildly into the realm of 15-20% buy/sell spread after a large portion of the stock was bought up. I can merely speculate at this time and point to a potential major entity doctrine shift or good old fashioned buy and re-list tactics. Of course the high point of the price spike was short lived, but it gave just enough time for me to take advantage of the move as well.

The effect of the manipulation was even more pronounced in Hek and Rens where the manic state of the price lasted just a little longer. Currently, it has settled down significantly but it is still an attractive option for those who might have missed the move.


I found that my orders in Ichoriya were having to compete with an abnormally high number of  smaller sell orders throughout the week. Because of this, I ended up competing against the market just to turn it into a loss. During this time, I also saw the price of Nanite Repair Paste slowly creep back to the 5% net profit range. I must be vigilant with this to ensure that I don’t find myself in a position where I have to relocate my stock to other hubs.

I would like to thank the good folks of Eve Mogul. I have switched over to their beta tool and the screen shots posted here are taken directly from that product. If you are looking for a way to clearly display your market history, even at the corporate level, then please give Eve Mogul a try.

Thank you once again for following along in my trade adventures. Good luck and happy trading.



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