Today’s episode is another double-feature of Chronicles – the full-length story “Speaks and Walks” along with the smaller story “Eye for an Eye.”

Eye for an Eye was a fun little episode to record and gave me the chance to practice using sound effects recorded directly from the game. This was something that I did in a smaller way in earlier stories and would like to continue to do in the future. As for the story itself, this is one of the older chronicles but it has fared relatively well – this is a scene that could still be played out even today. Betrayal, loss of corporate power, finding new allies to aid in the struggle versus old allies… yes, this could be happening in New Eden even as we speak.

The other story – “Speaks and Walks” – is a story of a DUST mercenary and the horrific side effects of the original technology that granted him immortality. I found this story particularly fascinating due to the parallels that can be drawn from the soldier’s conflict. Substitute in the stress of dealing with horrifying real-world events and you could have a model of someone struggling with the long-term effects of post traumatic stress disorder. Closer to our New Eden existence, substitute a cause in question – the why in Why We Fight, the who in Who We Fight For – and you have the root of every organized player conflict from faction warfare to nullsec sovereignty. There is always a risk of reading too much into a story, but having been in a position to relate to both of the scenarios above, this a story that called to me.

Here is a link to Episode 48.

If you would like to reach me, my email is zendane [at] evereader [dot] org.

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