Thank you all to the readers that have been following my trading adventures. With a bit of luck and blessings from BOB, I hope to continue my market stories back home here in The Neocom.

This past week cemented my inability to be successful in Amarr. I simply was not able to complete enough trades for the effort involved. With that, I decided to move what sell orders I did have back to Jita and find another market hub.

Using what I learned from seeding Ichoriya, I decided to find a similar station. Instinctively, I first looked to Stacmon. However, after comparing sell prices and volume, I was disappointed at what I discovered. I found this quite surprising considering the geography. Sell prices simply weren’t as attractive while having an over saturation in volume.


My next option was to investigate Hek, an important high sec / low sec border market hub in the Amarr / Minmatar Faction Warfare Zone. Much like Ichoriya, I have used this system extensively when flying with my faction warfare toon. When compared to Ichoriya, they both share similarly profitable items on sell orders.


Along with changing market hubs, I also started to focus less on utilizing Jita as a market hub to seed sell orders. I started limiting sell orders from Jita and instead have focused on transporting goods to lesser market hubs. With this change, I am now earning more profit per unit of item sold, even if it’s not at the same transaction completion pace as Jita.



The most surprising winning trade this week has been Adaptive Invulnerability Field II. This item was sold in Ichoriya and I thought it was pretty strange to see this kind of relative sell volume especially in a predominantly destroyer / frigate environment. You don’t typically use this module with T1 destroyer and frigate variants due to the fitting requirements. I would dare hypothesize that larger game now prowls that space. With that, I will investigate the modules that would be relevant to T2 frigate hulls and up.


Ladar ECM II and Micro Jump Field Generators have been the most significant trade losses for the week. Much like previous losses, this is another case of buying items during manic sell order prices and thinking that those prices would have been sustainable in the medium term.

Now that I have market coverage across the faction warfare zones, I will focus on targeted trades aimed at supplying small frigate combat. However, that space is not monopolized by small hull combat. My experience with more established low sec entities has taught me that a fair amount of market transactions occur in the realm of contracts. I will investigate this and see if there is an opportunity to participate in that market play.

Good luck and happy trading.




  1. The last couple of weeks have been very atypical from the trade perspective. There has been a lot of liquidation in preparation for citadels and the plex market has gone crazy. Be careful making too many general rules from performance during this period.


  2. That’s very true. I honestly can’t remember any examples from recent history where we have seen this level of liquidation. If anything, it’s been quite the opposite for a few years now. I hope this fundamental change will throw a few wrenches in the cogs to give rise to new opportunities.


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