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Month: May 2016

Industry 3

Trade Recap 5/29/16: My First Fortizar Experience

The landscape has changed dramatically with the introduction of Citadels. In these, we have structures to assist in better controlling our surroundings, and added game play options for previously isolated […]

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Trade Recap 5/22/16: Industry Portfolio

This week was pretty uneventful in the trading front. There were no obvious opportunities I could take advantage of, and no newly-discovered obscure honey pot of a market hub. So […]

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The Tinfoil Factory – Episode 10: We Ain’t Afraid of No CCP Ghost DOWNLOAD NOW! Cyrillian, Terris, Elli, Roedyn, Dorian, Zendane, and Panda channel their inner CCP Ghost and discuss player immersion in Eve Online. Advertisements

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The Eve Reader Podcast: Episode 49 – Rust Creeps

This episode is the story of a man with an unusual affinity for fixing machines and the torment he endures in return for his “gift.” Science-fiction settings tend to hand-wave […]

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Trade Recap 5/15/16: Low Sec Market Nuance

Over the past several weeks, I have managed to maintain presence over a majority of the high sec border faction warfare markets. However, the last faction I have yet to […]

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Trade Recap 5/8/16: Market Influence

This trade week has been my most successful one so far. The biggest change I employed has been shifting the majority of sell orders to Hek and Rens. Although these […]

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The Eve Reader Podcast: Episode 48 – Eye for an Eye & Speaks and Walks

Today’s episode is another double-feature of Chronicles – the full-length story “Speaks and Walks” along with the smaller story “Eye for an Eye.” Eye for an Eye was a fun […]

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The Eve Reader Podcast: Episode 47 – Hands of a Killer and Doppelganger

This is another pair of shorter Chronicles, contrasting the differences between a regular starship crewman and a capsuleer pilot. These stories tie nicely together, beginning with ambition and ultimately with […]

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The Tinfoil Factory – Episode 9: Elections Are Hard DOWNLOAD NOW! Connal Tara, Dirk MacGirk, Lanctharus, and Roedyn join Proto to discuss ways to improve the CSM election system. Advertisements

Industry 2

Trade Recap 5/1/16: New Frontiers

Thank you all to the readers that have been following my trading adventures. With a bit of luck and blessings from BOB, I hope to continue my market stories back […]