In the latest episode of Nova Newscast, Elinari Rhodan and Cyrillian Voth present a summary of the latest news from across the cluster.

Download here!

If you have a story you think should be told on the Nova Newscast, contact Cyrillian Voth via twitter, or write to cyrillian.voth [at] We also welcome your feedback!


Thanks to Jonny Pew, Raffi and Rixx Javix for contributing and to Millianne Voth for the “Mankie Kaiserson” idea.

Theme music composed and orchestrated by Luobote Kong. Station ambiance by Terris.

Other background music from

News stories

SCC Authorises Transneural Skill products for trade

A new character with maximum skills

Jonny Pew / Sir Livingstone skill extraction

SoE flotilla in Drifter Space

The Scope: Upwell announces winners of first Citadel blueprints

Upwell Astrahus research drive success

Drifter Incursions in Khanid space

Sleeper Social Club closure



  1. Hey guys!

    Loved the news presented that way! It totally fills in that void the scope left when they stopped releasing weekly news casts! thanks!

    I’ve been thinking you may wanna interview Morathia, he’s the main FC that has been running Drifter incursion in public fleets with a decent success, maybe ask him how his war effort against the drifter menace is going and troubles he has been facing (like you did with Jonny Pew lol)! He’s in the incursion chat in tweetfleet slack and answers in game mails really fast too

    good work, please keep it up o7

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, for the encouragement and for the tip! We’ve had a bit of a hiatus due to both Eli and myself being ill one after the other, but we’ll be back with another episode soon.


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