There are many ways that players contribute to the community. Of the stacks upon stacks of both in-game and real life charities that are driven by EVE players, it’s very easy to find one that you can contribute to, but it takes a certain drive and dedication level to run a charity.

One such in-game charity is headed by Neville Smit called The Morning Maniac Grant Program. I got in touch with Neville to find out more about his grant program and what spurred this project.

ProtoTell us about the Morning Maniac Grant Program.

I started the Morning Maniac Grant program to help players who want to start a constructive project nevillein EVE Online, but who need help with in-game funds. This project must be a positive contribution to our community of New Eden capsuleers – which means it can be just about anything, as long as people have fun and it is a good experience for everyone. I named this grant program in honor of Morning Maniac, the founder of EVE University, the longest-established neutral player training corporation in the game. For years, he selflessly devoted his time and in-game wealth for the betterment of other players, and helped to build the EVE Online community that we all enjoy today. Inspired by his example, I set up a substantial fund – now over 26 billion ISK – to award to players who want to set up their own in-game projects. Players may receive grants of up to 250 million ISK. For more information on how to apply, see

ProtoAre the target recipients of these grants new players exclusively?

nevilleNo, anyone can apply for a grant, but I do give preference to projects that also support newer players and give them an opportunity to learn something about EVE Online. But if the project serves the interests of a group in a positive way, they can qualify for a grant. For example, once Citadels are available, I can see people applying for a grant to help set one up for use as a base for their corp, to explore new options in EVE. The more players that such a project serves, the more likely they can receive a Morning Maniac grant to help fund it. I hope that the Morning Maniac Grant Program will stimulate people’s thinking, and start some creative projects that will make EVE Online more fun for more players.

ProtoHave you had any successes with the program since you announced the project?

So far, grants have been awarded for the following projects:neville

  • 250M ISK for a program to provide +3 attribute implants for an alliance’s newbros;
  • 150M for frigate PvP training in a nullsec corp;
  • 250M for providing newbros with ships & modules in a low-sec corp;
  • 250M to Operation Magic School Bus (Mike Azariah’s newbro support project);
  • 250M to Sindel Pellion’s Angel Project;
  • 250M to support production of the excellent “The Learning Cliff” podcast;
  • 250M to support a program for helping players who are new to faction warfare.

ProtoYou mention examples of other in game charities such as The Angel Project and The Magic School Bus – has your program allowed you to explore working in conjunction with these other projects?

nevilleI awarded Morning Maniac grants to these projects because they help many players, especially novices. The intention of the Morning Maniac Grant program is not to compete with these worthy efforts, but to provide yet another resource that players can use to further their own positive, constructive actions in the game.

ProtoHow easy is the application process?

nevilleJust send an in-game EVE mail to Neville Smit, explaining why you are applying for a grant and what you intend to do with the funds. Detailed instructions can be found at

ProtoHow can the community help with expanding or getting participants in your project?

nevillePublicity, please! I’ve frankly been a little disappointed at the slow start, so far. The number of grant applications has been lower than I expected. But I hope as more people become aware of this opportunity, more will apply for a Morning Maniac grant.

ProtoIf anyone has any questions, how can they contact you?

nevilleSend an in-game EVE mail to Neville Smit, or a direct message on Twitter to @NevilleSmit, or by email to If you see me online in game, feel free to convo me!

If you think you could benefit from a grant, or know someone who can, get in contact with Neville and sign up for this great program! Best wishes for everyone involved.


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