Shinzo Shikimira
Shinzo Shikimira

Has your mouse ever missed that little “Warp to” button because it appeared to be very difficult to press as your ship was singing out with hull breach alarms? Do you start feeling shaky and pumped up while shooting at that lonely miner sitting in lowsec? How can that be stopped? Let’s find out why it happens and how to calm yourself down in combat.

You might agree that Eve Online has a unique PvP system. You can spend hours, days or even longer to get just enough isk to buy a certain ship, then you sit in a station, managing your fit to get it just how you like it. After you undock, you know that it will happen in minutes or even seconds. You fly through the systems where no CONCORD will be there to help you, you keep spamming that d-scan button as you search for targets like a shark searches for blood. (Or tears)

…nothing is cooler. Choose Quafe. [ADVERTISEMENT]
When the fight happens, minutes turn into seconds, one tiny slip of the hand, and you can explode – it’s hard to not panic in a situation like that. Your blood runs as as cold as Quafe zero. (They didn’t pay me to advertise, they just divided my eternity by zero!)Adrenaline and the rush of blood can make you lose focus, start to panic and do silly things as your ship starts to go down. When that happens, you realize you are going to spend even more time trying to replace it. Stakes are high.It happens to many players that are new to PvP, and even to those who have been doing it for years. It will never go away completely, you will probably still shake and sweat in a fight, and you will still feel the thrill – but at least you can learn to stay effective and not panic.

First, you should get your priorities straight: to feel calmer in PvP situations, you need to increase your survivability. Choose the right fitting for your ship: do you want to kite or brawl? Armor, hull or shield tank? Then, see what skills you need for the fit. Fit T2 modules, or perhaps meta 3-4 if the fit requires it – don’t even think about putting on faction modules or anything more expensive. Make a skill plan (Evemon is great for doing this) for the skills you want to train.

I would personally advise you to fly a cheap ship. Remember the rule that everyone keeps repeating: don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. You should have at least two ships fitted in your station just in case.

This next step is quite unpopular, not many people actually do this: try everything on the test server Singularity, affectionately known as Sisi. It was hard to do that before CCP released the awesome new Eve launcher, but now you can just read the rules, use the commands, and join. You can fit the same ship for free (everything costs 100 isk on Singularity), undock, create mayhem, check the possibilities and capabilities of your fit, practice with all the buttons! Can you tank 5 frigates attacking you? Can you kill them? Invite some friends, make it fun!

After some time, you will want to go back to Tranquility and fly your own ship “for real”. By knowing your capabilities, having more skills, maybe even with a better fit, you can vastly increase your survivability. But keep in mind, even with better odds, you are going to make lots of mistakes. You will lose ships – lots of ships! You will be outnumbered and outmatched. But when that first solo kill finally comes – after twenty fights, or a hundred – there is nothing sweeter in New Eden. Now, go and try to get some killmarks on your new hull. Fly deadly!


  1. LOL perfectly understandable [I lost a fully fitted Orca and a set of Snake implants in null, sort of freaked my corpies because all they heard was a sort of Winnie the Poo-esque “Oh Bother” on TS] I learned to fight on Singularity when VR caught me sneaking through Goonspace in a baby frigate and decided he like my spunk and would get me to log into test and spar. I have tested everything up through cap over on test.


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