In the latest episode of Nova Newscast, Elinari Rhodan and Cyrillian Voth present a summary of the latest news from across the cluster.


Download here!

If you have a story you think should be told on the Nova Newscast, contact Cyrillian Voth via twitter, or write to cyrillian.voth [at] We also welcome your feedback on this experiment!

Shout-outs & Sources:

Thanks to MynxeeJohnny Splunk, Alexander Priano, and Steve Ronuken with CSM Watch for contributing.

Theme music composed and orchestrated by Luobote Kong. Station ambiance by Terris.

Other background music from

News stories

Latest Scope News broadcast – Citadel video

Citadel prototypes begin construction

Upwell responds to Capsuleer attacks

OSS response to Upwell allegations

Construction resumes

Signal Cartel press release

Upwell comment on capsuleer contributions

Signal Cartel update on research components

Petition for public disclosure of CONCORD findings on Vigilant Tyrannos

Steve Ronuken interview on CSM Watch

Upwell deals with Interbus and Impetus



  1. Okay, for what its worth, please drop the levels on your background music, esp in the opening two – three minutes, it makes the voices nearly unintelligible. Otherwise, keep up the good work!


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