Proto is joined by Ashterothi, Jadek Menaheim, Roedyn, and Dorian to discuss the idea of adding cosmetic effects to skill injector use.

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  1. Instead of a constructive episode decrying CCP’s new P2W direction you sit around gushing about an idea that CCP will never implement because it would stigmatize the customers who pay to win.


    • Decrying CCP’s decision isn’t as productive as the new mechanism is an overwhelming success. This was not a discussion about whether or not it’s P2W because that debate has been had ad nauseam.

      This is The Tinfoil Factory. We like to say “what if”. There are other podcasts for analysis of development directions and we do express occasional editorial comments on The Neocom podcast.

      TLDR: It’s fun discussion and it is influential on development. See Proto’s rant about the need for dedicated capital Triage in Tinfoil Factory Episode 2 (I believe)

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  2. It’s the Tinfoil Factory.. Where we like to get weird, and think about what could be. Plus, how is it pay to win if those skill points were earned IN GAME by people who don’t want them anymore and transferred to someone who can use them. But you can definitely check out my first appearance in the TTF where we discuss walking in stations.. You know that cool thing that was never fully implemented.

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