On January 22nd starting at 1700 game time, our very own Professor ScaredPanda will be hosting her promised 24 hour marathon stream in celebration of 1,ooo followers! The action will be taking place at Follow the channel now to get alerts when the stream starts!

Professor Panda will be providing a great variety of content with a heavy focus on EVE Online gameplay with some other activities to add variety and keep you tuned in. Eve related material includes ship fitting, solo PvP, exploration, and even an NPSI roam led by the Professor herself!

This has truly turned into a community event with LOTS of prizes sponsored by The Neocom, High Drag Podcast, Otto Bismarck, Elise Randolph, ChocolateRahne and MANY others!

  • PLEX Givaways!
  • Faction Ships!
  • Faction Modules!
  • SKINS!
  • Special Edition Goodies!

The schedule is as follows:


We hope to see everyone there!


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