Mike Azariah
Mike Azariah

‘Tis the season to think about giving. Gifts for family compete with charities for those in need. Street corner Santas, the homeless, people just up against the wall… and here we are, playing games. Yet, even within Eve there are chances to give. You can give back to the community, or give to a spacefriend in need; there are kickstarters and petitions, people who run servers, podcasts, and news sites.  Few things are free, and sometimes the helpers need a hand, too.

What you give can be many things. Money (ISK or otherwise) is the most common, but not the only option; you could show support, pass along news by word of mouth, or endorse something you appreciate. Time is a very valuable resource that a lot of groups could use; spend some time in your corp recruiting channel, or help out in another channel where volunteers are needed. Teach a newbro for an hour or two, to get them well and truly hooked; lead a fleet; or volunteer to clean out the corp wallet. Do some logistics, moving stuff from A to B. If there isn’t anything that needs doing, that is a bad sign and you should step up and make things happen. Content is created by somebody, but not always by somebody else.

No, son, that's not Santa.
No, son, that’s not Santa.

Back to isk and money, though. It is in the news of late, and worth a mention, right? Podcasts have Patreon accounts. I have seen a few people start Gofundme drives for a brother down on their luck. We have even had a chance to buy pizza for CCP, and the turnout was phenomenal. Then there is the kickstarter. Funny that I refer to it as the kickstarter when it is not the first Eve book partially funded by this method.  In 2014 Andrew Groen successfully raised over $95,000 (US) with over 3000 backers for A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online.  Cool. So another book, this time more fiction-oriented, was proposed – but as of the time of writing, the chance of success looks low. Why one and not the other? Lots of reasons present themselves, and finger-pointing has already started, with leaks, admonitions, and counter-arguments on reddit and other news sites. The drama abounds and popcorn sales are going through the roof. Money does this to people.

I am asking you to step back, take a breath, and ask yourself a simple question: “Do I want to give to this project?” If yes, do; if no, don’t. There is no need to descend into the rest of the maelstrom of articles and podcasts; just hang on to the barrel and stay on the edges, circling round and round. Stay above it and decide for yourself based on the project. If it is not to your liking then find another project; give time, isk, even a Christmas card or a simple message of support to someone in Eve you admire.  You can help. YOU can do something. GIVE something.

Or, you could just sit and watch the show unfold on the various sites and wonder at the pageantry of it all. That is fun, too.

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