Episode 14: High On Static


The Neocom crew sits down with Random McNally and Ashterothi!


5 Star iTunes Reviews:

Jesus8557 – Fantastic Job, Proto Kira and company keep it interesting, informative, and fun!


Trathen Love @TrathenLove  Nov 1

@kiratsukimoto you told us to make twitter accounts last Sunday. We obeyed

CCP Loki@RagnarEdvalds  Oct 30

Big Thank You to @TheNeocom and the community for awards!
Thanks from all who make the Scope happen, o7 #tweetfleet

Lauresh Thellere@lauresheve  Oct 30
Hey @TheNeocom did you guys end up posting the vanguard winners on the site? I’m keen to check it out

Mom Bellicose @MomBellicose  Oct 28
@Proto_Eve @Cagali_Cagali @SindelPellion That was awesome! Thanks for sharing it and be kinder to your kidneys! LOL

Gabby@gabbyhon  Oct 28
@Proto_Eve @kiratsukimoto Thanks for the kind words on @TheNeocom ! Great episode!!

EVE Online News:

Amarr Championships Update:

Yet unnamed expansion hits December 8th.

DUST 514 News:



    • During this time period, players will encounter two persistent, unique, and un-rerollable week-long missions. These will be:
  • Kill 514 enemies. Reward: Skill Tree Reset and Refund.
  • Win 21 matches. Reward: ‘Tairei’s Crimson’ AM-L SKIN Module.

Valkyrie / Gunjack News and Updates:

Valkyrie Keynote Highlights:

Community News / Updates

CSM campaigns are kicking off with threads already being posted in the forums.

The Neocom will be participating in the CSM interviews led by the staff of Cap Stable. Cyrillian Voth, Mike Azariah, Random McNally, and Dentt have volunteered to be interviewers.

Mike- Operation Northern Troll

Address of Eve HQ

CCP hf.
Grandagarður 8
101 Reykjavik

Sarpati the Snake


Special Segment – Spotlight: The High Drag Podcast


Contact Information:

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We also have an ingame channel if you’d like to chat with us or just hang out. Join the in game channel “TheNeocom” – all one word.

Bumpers and drops produced by Protovarious with samples from Luobote Kong and Ned Thomas


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