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Month: November 2015

Neocom Podcast 1

The Neocom Podcast: Episode 14 – High on Static

Episode 14: High On Static DOWNLOAD NOW!!! The Neocom crew sits down with Random McNally and Ashterothi! Feedback: 5 Star iTunes Reviews: Jesus8557 – Fantastic Job, Proto Kira and […]

Community News 9

The Counterculture

Thanksgiving here in the United States is usually full of turkey, stuffing, pie, and football – at least on the surface. When the game is over and the turkey tryptophan […]

Community News 0

This Is the EVE Community

On the final day of EVE Vegas, myself and Kira Tsukimoto led off the last round of presentations. Pouring Red Bull down our gullets, we set the tone by taking […]

Neocom Updates 0

Get A Shoutout! Promote Your Corp! Become Space Famous!

As everyone knows, The Neocom’s primary focus is on the community and attracting new players. On The Neocom Podcast, we’ve begun using bumpers recorded by guests and CCP developers between […]

New Players 1

NRDS-NBSI-NPSI- Choose Your Code

A short time after Dentt was cloned back in 2008, I came to the realisation that the players of EVE play a very different game to all other games. New […]