Episode 13: Vegas Hangover


Proto and Kira get back to their roots and sit down after an exhausting Eve Vegas. Show notes? We don’t need no stinking show notes!

This Is The EVE Community Presentation by Kira and Proto –

Enjoy everybody!

Music Selections:

Permaband – Killing Is Just A Means

YTCracker – I’m Brave



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  1. OpSuccess – I’ve never hated heading home from an event the way I hated coming home from Eve Vegas. From meeting you guys Thursday night through the entire weekend, I’ve never felt more comfortable and “in my element” as I felt hanging around a bunch of so-called nerds. “So-called” because everyone I met there, devs and players, space famous and space unknowns alike, were all just as cool as the other side of the pillow. Proud to be a part of this amazing game and to be associated with such fun and interesting people! Eve Forever.

    PS. Kira – I’m still lost as Hell figuring this damn Twitter thing out… 😀

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