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Month: October 2015

Neocom Podcast 1

The Neocom Podcast – Episode 13: Vegas Hangover

Episode 13: Vegas Hangover DOWNLOAD NOW!!! Proto and Kira get back to their roots and sit down after an exhausting Eve Vegas. Show notes? We don’t need no stinking […]

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Tinfoil Reply: Selling Skillpoints

So unfortunately I couldn’t join the recording of the Tinfoil Factory Episode 5: TSPs and That Skillpoint Thingy, but I wanted to highlight or rebut some of the points made […]

Podcasts 1

The Tinfoil Factory – Episode 5: TSPs and That Skillpoint Thingy DOWNLOAD NOW! The team couldn’t wait to talk about the new proposed skillpoint mechanic proposed by CCP Rise in ¬†yesterday’s Dev Blog. Quick Fire:¬†   Advertisements

Neocom Podcast 5

One Voice, One Community: The #PortDUST514 Project DOWNLOAD HERE Twenty Two submissions in less than 72 hours. Thank you to all who participated! Advertisements

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Project #PortDUST514

With all of the attention surrounding the #PortDust514 momentum on Reddit and Twitter, we are deeply moved by the community coming together and we’re going to put together a little […]