Episode 3: Walking In Stations


Join Cyrillian, Dentt, Otto, Dorian, and ScaredPanda as they discuss the pros and cons of revisiting ambulation gameplay in Eve Online.

Quick Fire Round:





  1. Interesting ideas thrown around. I don’t think they can make it something game changing, but it should be game enhancing. Being able to use your avatar for things like fleet battle planning, hacking or relic hunting, or just simple social mini games to connect with your corp would all be great enhancements. We want to be careful to not add a whole new game into Eve, and rather enhance what’s already there.

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  2. A great episode, with a great temporary host. Nicely done!
    Eventhough I really enjoy Kira’s contributions to the Neocom Podcast, I found it kind of unprofessional that she decided to crash the party.


    • LOL. Hold the phone, Sparky. I hate to let the cat outta the bag, but before you go throwing out “unprofessional” realize that she didn’t really crash the party. For this episode’s subject, I knew she was gonna make an appearance and it was fine. Call it a schtick. It’s a running joke about Tinfoil Factory being a Kira-free zone. 😉


  3. Hey all you Neocom people. Loved the podcasts, been listening since Neocom 1. 🙂

    So, I had an idea between the Tinfoil factory episodes 2 and 3. About Capitals needing help, Otto talking about drawing in paint to direct how a battle was supposed to go, and the others talking about a tabletop war plan.

    I made a post in the EVE forums, maybe you could give it a look and see what you think!

    Thanks for all the fun, keep up the signal!

    -James Cestar


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