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Month: August 2015

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Ali Baba and the Content Theives

A long time ago in Eve Online, the drums of war beat incessantly. Alliances went at each other’s throats for what seemed like years in blood feuds. The savage nature […]

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The Neocom Podcast – Episode 11: Back To School With AIEU

Episode 11 Back To School With AIEU DOWNLOAD NOW! Episode 11 – Show Notes Intros What we’ve been doing lately Feedback: ultim8evil ‏@TheUltim8Evil  Jul 21 @TheNeocom Do you guys […]

New Players

We’re at War? DONT PANIC!

Its another day in New Eden: you wake up in your Captain’s Quarters and find the evemail button flashing. “#@?$&! Corporation has declared war on you”. Damn. Panic is rising […]

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The Tinfoil Factory: Episode 3 – Walking In Stations

Episode 3: Walking In Stations DOWNLOAD NOW! Join Cyrillian, Dentt, Otto, Dorian, and ScaredPanda as they discuss the pros and cons of revisiting ambulation gameplay in Eve Online. Quick […]