Episode 9 – Yo Mimic, I Hear You Like Chocolate



What we’ve been doing lately


The Maythorn ‏@TheMaythorn  Jun 23
Shoutout to @NovaHaven_Eve and @kiratsukimoto and the Neocom podcast And all they do for New Bros and EVE! #tweetfleet

Koltrane ‏@The_Koltrane  Jun 16
BIG shoutout to @Proto_Eve and The Neocom Podcast! The goodbye tribute really meant a lot and I loved the clips! Tysm …

Tora Bushido ‏@Blowfish70  Jun 11
#tweetfleet About time the @TheNeocom is back. Always fun to listen, good mix of subjects – …

CCP Fozzie ‏@CCP_Fozzie  Jun 16
@TheNeocom @Proto_Eve @CCPGames No Team Five 0? (Skin pilot program/Burners/Bookmarks in space/Thera/T3 Destroyers/Friendly Fire/Entosis) 😛

[–]Dentt_Yulai Federation 3 points 8 days ago
great to have kira back =)

Chiatara Enderas
Love the podcast guys, keep up the great work. I really enjoy hearing the newbie and (notso)bittervet perspective that you guys bring to the table.  It is a great podcast that fills a much needed niche.

  • Trivia Question Winner – To recap our trivia question: “In Episode 6: Creepy Stalkers, Drifter Sleepwalkers, and Heroes – Proto Mentioned that Eve Vegas would fall close to a very special day. – When is Proto’s Birthday?”

The correct answer is October 22nd

Congratulations to ToAlReb who wins a Garmur!

Development News:




Community News:

(Really not much in Community News lately. Alliance tournament updates on silent auctions and battlecruiser point changes. People can go to:)

Operation Magic School Bus Updates – Join the in game mailing list by the same name or contact Mike Azariah In Game

Nova Haven – and

The Tinfoil Factory!

BREAK – Music Kurzon Dax – Eve Online is for BoB

Special Segment: The Neocom Welcomes CCP Mimic

Former GM and Community Rep, o7 Show co-host with CCP Guard and Associate Producer (Not to mention patron saint of TheNeocom)

Send ideas for the o7 Show and shoutouts to:


CCP Participation in the bike ride around Iceland


Contact Information:

The Neocom Podcast is available through the RSS feed or by visiting us at If you’re tuning in via iTunes, please leave us a 5 star rating or give us a thumbs up on Stitcher. As always, you can email us at

Kira Twitter @KiraTsukimoto

Proto Twitter @Proto_eve

Mike twitter @mikeazariah

Random McNally twitter @RandomMcNally1

CCP Mimic twitter @CCPMimic

You can also follow the podcast Twitter @TheNeocom for website updates and articles.

We also have an ingame channel if you’d like to chat with us or just hang out with the coolest people in Eve. Join the in game channel “TheNeocom” – all one word.


Song selections for this podcast:



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