In our pilot episode, we discuss the need for character attributes in Eve Online as well as ways to improve the system (or do away with it)

Cyrillian Voth’s Blogpost:

Quickfire Round: [Aegis] Missile balance package by CCP Rise




  1. Being a new player, i really enjoyed the benefits of the Cerebral Accelerator from the starter packs.
    I think I got +9 to all attributed for 14 days on one character, so don’t worry about the really new newbros!

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  2. As a long time missile boat pilot who actually flies a sniper raven (raven, cruise missiles, 250km targeting range), these modules will be beneficial especially for pilots flying against down-size targets. Giving up raw DPS so you can apply damage better is a no-brainer.

    I’d like to see missile velocity increased across the board (along with flight time decreased), mostly to prevent the situation of having to wait until your coffee gets cold before a long-range salvo of cruise missiles reaches the target (if the target is even still there).

    Thank you for this podcast, it was fun to listen to people whose opinions are entirely different to my own. Lots of thinking to do about attributes!


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