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Month: June 2015

Neocom Podcast 2

The Neocom: Episode 9 – Yo CCP Mimic, I Hear You Like Chocolate

  Episode 9 – Yo Mimic, I Hear You Like Chocolate DOWNLOAD NOW! Intros What we’ve been doing lately Feedback: The Maythorn ‏@TheMaythorn  Jun 23 Shoutout to @NovaHaven_Eve and […]

Podcasts 11

The Neocom Presents: The Tinfoil Factory (Pilot) – Attributes DOWNLOAD NOW In our pilot episode, we discuss the need for character attributes in Eve Online as well as ways to improve the system (or do away with it) […]

Neocom Updates 1

From The Producer’s Desk: The Neocom Updates

Good to see everyone again! This past month has been particularly busy for me, personally; my 18-wheels are rolling constantly in the summer when produce season out of California kicks […]

Neocom Podcast 1

The Neocom Episode 8 – Hello Vegas; Goodbye Sweet Prince DOWNLOAD NOW! Intros What we’ve been doing lately Feedback: iTunes: 5 Star Reviews Almighty ELEN – Just listened to Episode 7 and loved it. You guys keep getting […]

Industry 1

Industry Concepts: Becoming a Prophet of T2 Profit

Manufacturing Tech 2 ships and equipment is one of the most complicated things you can do in this game. It took me a good amount of time to train up […]