Otto Bismarck
Otto Bismarck

“You are about to clear settings for all your users. To clear the settings the client needs to be restarted, would you like to clear your settings and restart the client now?”

Sadly. Yes. You should totally ask Proto how much I regretted this about 10 minutes in.  However newbies and bitter vets now can rejoice together that I have to redo all of my settings.

2loggedin [edited]

So here I am with no settings, in my Nyx (looks good doesn’t it?).  In the background you can see the C9N-CC Station coming out of reinforced in 6 hours, so I had better get started on fixing my settings.  What I must stress is that this is the best way I’ve found to maximise real estate in the way that I find critical; you’ll need to find what works for you.

Settings are one of those deeply personal things where I feel that EVE needs more options, but I have tried to highlight the ones that I think offer the best quality-of-life improvement for most pilots. Note: do what I say, not necessarily what the pictures say.  Also, I recommend that you start from a freshly reset client like I did.

3settings1 [edited]Display and Graphics:

Camera Shake: Off

Load Station Environment: Off

4settings2 [edited]Chat:

EVE Voice Enabled: Off

5settings3 [edited]Audio:Audio Enabled: Off

6settings4 [edited]General Settings:

Try to use Existing Info Window if Any (Except if Shift is Pressed): Off

Lock Windows When Pinned: On

Auto Target Back: 0 Targets

Then no changes at this point in Shortcuts. 

These settings will have no effect at the moment on what your screen looks like, but their effects will become apparent later on, when you’re doing other things.  From here I then do my chat windows, and generally join a fleet to get the most important chat windows onto my screen. At this point I will also load my overview settings profile. I use SaraShawa’s Overview (In Game Channel: SaraShawa-Overview).

7chatwindows [edited]So here I am in a fleet, with most of the chat channels I reside in, and my first step is to classify all of the chat channels in two groups. Firstly, channels that I need open 95% of the time, and for me generally that is Local and Fleet. Secondly the channels that I can sort of check some of the time, and if I miss a message we aren’t going to welp, so it’s no big deal. In the image below you can see the two different groups.

9chatwindows [edited]Then I position the general chat channels at the top in the centre of my screen to move them out of the way. You can then double click in the blank area of the title bar. For me that is between the Anzac channel and the minimise/pin buttons.  It will then shrink the windows as shown in the second image.  The chat channels will still flash individually, but they aren’t being obtrusive to all the important spaceship-explosion-making.

8chatwindowstop [edited]

Now you can undock (or in my case leave the POS Shields), lock a few targets and, if it’s important to you, add someone to your watch list.  This brings up the final main set of windows and icons that you need to set your overview up.  Now I generally spend most of my mouse time towards the lower half of the screen (and I so wish you could flip the overview so it filled from the bottom), but I put the more button-push things towards the bottom.

10muckedthingsupoversettings [edited]Firstly I move the Notifications button, in the bottom left hand corner just above the time.  I therefore put the selected items in the bottom right hand corner, and the overview on top of it.  I also resize it to be the same vertical height as the capacitor HUD.  I also expand the horizontal size to just smaller than where the module buttons can be dragged to.

11everything is sorted [edited]In the bottom left hand corner, I resize the window for Local and Fleet chats to fit in the bottom left hand corner. I then move the watch list to fit between the Capacitor Window and Local chat. The fleet window goes above the local chat, and the overview fits above the Select Items window. There is a small button which you can use to move where your locked targets appear from; you can also right click on it to change how the icons appear. I move it to just near the top left hand corner of the overview, and then move my drone window above my high slot modules.

Finally the probe scanner and directional scanner are opened and stacked on top of each other.  In a similar way to the chat windows, they are stretched to use the same horizontal size as the overview and then minimised.  I then move the minimised overview to the top right hand size of the screen and expand the overview vertically to fill the remaining space.  The chat channels can then be dragged to butt up to the scanner windows.

Now pin everything in position and… Voila!  You are done.  Time to grind the C9N station!  Yay!!!

12done [edited]

P.S. No it didn’t take me 6 hours.  Hopefully it won’t take 6 hours for you. 

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