The reasons we all love this game vary by our personalities. As our needs for entertainment and fulfillment in the game change, oftentimes it can be seen as life-changing to others if someone they’ve come to know and love chooses to go a new direction in the game. Suffice it to say that as our experiences in the game change due to influences ranging from boredom, to burnout, to swings in the meta game, everyone has run the course of changing directions in Eve.

Okay, that’s the nice way of saying “Don’t panic if your space friends go elsewhere in the game.”

I was actually hoping to avoid having to make a statement regarding recent events in Brave Newbies and how they affect things here at The Neocom. Mostly because I don’t want to get into the space politics, real life events, and Reddit venom that swept through the alliance for the last couple of weeks. Events were further pushed into the category of “out of line” with the outbreak of non-game related remarks, commentary, and personal attacks on some of our staff, from within the alliance as well as the Eve podcast media. No comments will be made on this matter. I expected it from our podcast’s inception. It’s past us now and we now know who we can and cannot consider collaborating with. This is simply stated for the purpose of putting this update into perspective.

That said. Yes, Kira Tsukimoto, Roedyn, and myself have left Brave Newbies. No, it does not affect our mission here at The Neocom website or the podcast. We are overwhelmed with all of the in game mails, tweets, and e-mails concerned that “space drama” might put a mallet to what we’ve successfully started here. Our primary mission is, and always will be, promoting the game of Eve Online and helping new players. This mission is not exclusive to being in Brave, but I can see how that distinction can be hard to separate.

At its core, Brave Newbies, Inc. was a perfect petri dish to incubate goodwill and genuine excitement for the game as a whole. With recent events however, it has become clear that the narrative got lost somewhere along the way. With some good old fashioned team spirit and soul searching, we as a group decided that it was more important to keep the site and the podcast as far away from the meta game agendas as possible in order to preserve the nature and mission of The Neocom. I was concerned from day one about being perceived as a “Brave Newbies” podcast rather than an “Eve Online” production.

In website news, we’ve gone to a cleaner layout until such time as I can wrap my head around customizing it up a little. Our new editor Cyrillian Voth has done an outstanding job in formatting the articles and cracking the whip on us to get more content our more quickly. Otto Bismarck and Ronix continue to open our eyes to new content and are still with us plugging away one article at a time. I have received emails from new folks who want to join the team and I am looking into expanding our coverage and schedules to accommodate. I promise I will get back to you all soon.

The Neocom will continue as normal. As a point of fact, this move has allowed our team to be a bit more freed up as far as content goes. Kira will be running with Redemption Road in Affirmative Alliance – a very well-rounded, community-focused, and new-player-friendly organization – so that she may continue to teach new players and be the FC everyone has come to know and love. Roedyn is getting some industrial work done so that we can expand our scope to bringing you some more industry related topics and articles. As for myself, I had planned on hooking up with Signal Cartel with my main character, but standings have thrown a kink in the works. So in the interim, I am consolidating assets I have scattered about until I decide who I’m going to run with next.

Again, we thank you for all of your support. Our next podcast will be in a couple weeks. Fly safe! o7


  1. As I sit here at 0300 (because insomnia, that’s why), I have to thank you for this article. It did everything you intended, and more.
    While never a Brave, I have to admit watching what was happening via tweets, and probably missing most of the story, only added to my concern. You, and your team, were more than a Brave podcast. You guys were my coms to someone who doesn’t use them much. Your podcast, along with may others, keeps my head in the game. It keeps me mining, doing PI, and jumping into wormhole space (mainly to build my skills). Podcasts keep me going in this game and yours is a huge part of that.

    Thanks to all at the Neocom. Fly Safe… Err, Fly dangerous…Umm…


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  2. It really sucks that you all left BNI. You said that you would avoid the meta BS, yet that’s exactly what caused you to leave…

    Proto/Kira – listening to you guys on neocom kept me excited to play, kept me excited to be part of BNI…made me feel like I was part of something. Now that is lost…

    I think you are taking the easy way out by leaving BNI and it’s disappointing.

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    • With respect, if you read carefully, the reasons I cited were not game related. I urge you to continue having explosions and fun with BNI. If us leaving causes you to no longer follow or listen to the show, that’d be unfortunate. But in the end, this was a team decision. It sucks, but we ask that you understand the personal feelings involved and what is in the site’s best interest.

      Fly safe and please keep your ear close. Things are coming.


  3. I’m not fully sure if this is a wise move at this time. On a time scale it’s strongly related to BRAVE drama, so it’s likely that it’s connected (although you don’t want to comment that more in detail, what’s fine for me).

    But especially in these times of trouble newbies desperately need a stable environment. To see two highly visible lighthouse entertainers of BRAVE changing their ally now of all times, leaves a lot of worried noobs behind, even intensifies drama around BRAVE (even you leave!) and looks like a panic reaction in the midst of trouble, which may have been different in 4, 8 or 12 weeks. So from my point of view I can see no greater good here, and think you underestimate your role in BRAVE public perception and your self-earned responsibility as BRAVE flagships.

    Nevertheless, great podcast, nice people, keep it up this way! 🙂


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