On this episode of The Neocom Podcast, we discuss the heroic deeds of people both in and out of the game. Featuring:

Mike Azariah
Otto Bismarck
Cyrillian Voth

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What we’ve been doing lately


From: Stellan Crendraven

Sent: 2015.03.26 06:01

To: Kira Tsukimoto,  Protovarious,

Your podcast keeps getting better. =)) I really enjoyed your latest and can’t wait to hear your reactions regarding fanfest.

Jason McKinley @jasnmckinley: If you’re not listening to @TheNeocom , you ought to be. Second only to @FlyReckless .  #tweetfleet

NyxJoker ‏@NyxJoker

@TheNeocom Thank you

Lauresh Thellare @lauresheve: @TheNeocom has some quite good articles, it almost convinces me to try writing again 😛

Mynxee @mynxee: @Proto_Eve The Neocom is great…you have a sexy voice! (There, feel less left out now? 😛 ) Keep up the good work with @kiratsukimoto ! ❤

Corb @cord_lime: Hey @TheNeocom thoroughly enjoyed ep. 3, now for eps. 4 & 5! Makes my work day run much smoother 🙂 keep up the excellent casting!

Tora Bushido @blowfish70: @TheNeocom You should rename the show to the Kira show…… Nehhh… Just kidding Promo, prodo, frodo….oops Proto !

Ken Putsky @kenputski: And a new follower!

@Proto_Eve And a having a marathon. Powering through all 5 episodes. Just started Ep5

Vici ‏@Voidscribbler

Dear @PLIRC please keep it in your pants long enough for @theneocom to release their next episode #kthxbye #tweetfleet

Andrew – we’re on to you. Leaving good feedback every episode so you can get a shout out. Well it’s not going to work this time…ah, shit! Well it won’t work next time!

Suzuki Uta and Jareth Falcon, Solomar Espersei, for hanging out in-channel.

Avyran Ronuken ← for donating plexes Avyran Ronuken > BTW really enjoy the podcast. Like that it’s more about what actuall line members do in eve than another meta game overveiw discussion

Terris Dadundar > I totally almost dropped a tray of mail at work when you were talking about ransoming a moon for 1 Tril Isk. Totally listening to every episode I can get my hands on

Development News (feat Alton Haveri) :

  • The Jackdaw!!!


  • A missed perk of the Scylla release: CSPA Charges Set to 0 ISK for New Pilots – THANK YOU!

  • Back to Alton Haveri for some news on new Drifter activity



Community News:

  • Kira Tsukimoto is making the media rounds! Thirsty Thursday edition of Podside (Episode 304) and Episode 50 of High Drag! Kira also featured with The Neocom on the o7 Show! Thank you to CCP Guard and CCP Mimic for the opportunity!
  • EVE VEGAS BABY!!!! Oct 23rd thru the 25th

http://vegas.eveonline.com/ – Proto and Kira will be there – Proto’s Birthday on the 22nd / Tickets still available thru Eventbrite / Planet Hollywood.

  • The Neocom will present the Eve Community Vanguard Awards at Eve Vegas. (Venue TBD). We are also working on a special surprise for Eve Vegas that we can’t announce yet, but stay tuned!
  • Grima The Mad > Was trying to give a Caracal Wiyrkomi Edition away on twitter for an angry concord guy meme and NO ONE sent one. Send your meme to @GrimaTheMad for your chance to win this ship before the new SKIN system drops

Imgflip link: https://imgflip.com/memesearch?q=angry+concord+guy

Catch Grima’s RP blog at: Grima’s Gone Mad


And you can find Grima’s podcast – The New Eden Show at:

https://thenewedenshow.wordpress.com/ Soon to be submitted to the evepodcasts.com RSS feed.

  • Brave Evac of HED and Provi / CVA calvary.
  • John Bellicose “Celebration of Life” Event


Community Awards Panel Discussion


Eve Down Under – CCP Fozzie Sovereignty Changes Interview

Ariel Rin / Bam Stroker – Creation of EveMeet.net

Sugar Kyle – CSM9 Participation

Dirk MacGirk / DJ Wiggles – Creation of TotalEve.com

J McClain – The Best of Us Community

Cagali Cagali / Coffee Rocks / Spanky Ikkala – Broadcast for Reps

Cap Stable – CSM Interviews


Contact Information:

The Neocom Podcast is available through the Evepodcasts.com RSS feed or by visiting us at TheNeocom.com. If you’re tuning in via iTunes, please leave us a 5 star rating or give us a thumbs up on Stitcher. As always, you can email us at NeocomPodcast@gmail.com

Kira Twitter @KiraTsukimoto

Proto Twitter @Proto_eve

You can also follow the podcast Twitter @TheNeocom for website updates and articles.

We also have an ingame channel if you’d like to chat with us or just hang out with the coolest people in Eve. Join the in game channel “TheNeocom” – all one word.


Song selections for this podcast:

Within Temptation (feat. Tarja) – Paradise (What About Us)

Bonnie Tyler – I need a hero

Busta Rhymes feat. Twista – Can You Keep Up



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