Ronix Aideron
Ronix Aideron
It was a sad time in the Aideron household in the month of February, the wife and I had to make a decision to demote our laptop to the secondary household computer. In our household this is the first step in a slide down the ladder that ends with computer/electronics being the primary device of my son. Once that happens we have all but written off the device.
I have been playing Eve on my trusty MacBook Pro since late 2012. I learned a lot within Eve on this computer. I lived in a C6 wormhole, attempted to build supers as a renter (my group built one Avatar), and tried my luck at Low Security piracy. Over the last several months running two clients seemed to bog down my computer more and more, I also noticed that each new patch I would have to adjust the video settings (I am now on the lowest settings). Then things on the computer started to become a bit-unstable. I then decided that I need a new Eve-playing machine.

“It has been about 10 years since I built a computer.”
After careful planning (listening to my Eve corp-mates and using PC picker) I have ordered all of my parts. This took no less than two fraud alerts from my bank and three different websites to get gathered. For some reason an order with Amazon never got shipped so I had to also order that twice with free expedited shipping.
My requirements and budget for the PC were reasonable:
  • Budget – $1,300 (ish)
  • Dual Monitors
  • Able to run Eve in highest video settings
  • Able to run a Steam client
    • I need to play something when ship spinning
  • Various Eve tools:
    • Jabber Client
    • Video editing and screen capture
    • Teamspeak
  • Able to use Google Documents and Chrome
  • Able to have a media server for my home theater
  • Able to use Citrix for accessing work VDI
tuxI believe when it is all said and done the computer will be a whole lot more than $1,300(ish), when computer parts started showing up at my front door there were accompanied by a lot of Frontgate boxes coming as well. Somehow the agreement between my wife and I for a new computer was also an agreement for furniture in the house. I suspect my wife knows that I will not dig too deeply for the cost of the furniture because she does not need to dig into what the exact value of $1300(ish) is.
After some investigation (Google browsing) I determined that I could run all of this on a computer running Linux. I have decided to try LinuxMint. It is based on Ubuntu 14.04LTS (Long Term Support) distribution and the Cinnamon desktop looks nice. Being based on 14.04LTS means that LinuxMint will be supported through 2019. My current computer is a MacBook Pro so moving to Linux is not a huge change since my household is not really built around Windows. I have been scrounging the interwebs writing up my plans for installation of the software and hardware for the computer. Below is a list of the software I am looking to install.
  • Teamspeak – For Verbal Abuse from my Corp
  • WINE 
  • Eve – The reason I need a new computer
  • Shutter – Screenshot Tool
  • Shotwell – Photo Manager (iPhoto)
  • Audacity – Audio Editor (for soundboard battles)
  • Skype – 
  • Google Chrome –
  • Evernote – I would be lost without it
  • Pyfa – 
  • gtkevemon – Linux version of EveMon
  • Plex.TV for media streaming
  • Pitivi or KDENLive – Video Editing
  • Steam Client – To waste even more time
This is the first part of my journey. The next post will be outlining my adventures with getting the software installed and configured. It has been about 10 years since I built a computer. Things have come a long way and if nothing else are a lot easier than the early 2000’s when I was doing it. Everything seems to be straight forward and once things power up should just be a matter of running the appropriate scripts. Hopefully this is the case, in my real-life there have been plenty of times when something ‘Worked in Visio’ only to find out too late that Visio does not directly translate into the physical reality.



  1. Depending on how conservative you are with your software versions, I would recommend using a current Ubuntu or other distribution intead of the LTS one.
    AFAIK switching from Mint to something more up to date is not easily done and usually (at least in my experience) sooner or later you want to have up to date / bleeding edge versions of some of your software and that is much simpler to achieve with an up to date version.
    While there often are packages for the new software available somewhere, the experience is sometimes not very smooth and you end up with a lot of work to get everything working as expected.
    You usually can upgrade between major versions of the normal distributions without much hassle, so I don’t see LTS giving a lot of value, at least for desktop systems.

    Oh and shameless plug: I just released the first version of Pirate’s Little Helper which runs under wine, you might want to take a look at it. 🙂


  2. I appreciate your comment and will look into your application. I am always looking into ways to gather more information.

    It is true that I can go beyond LTS distributions but I wanted my first foray into Linux to be as predicable as possible. The computer is able to dual boot so in the future I will just install another OS on another SSD partition so I can try new or different flavors.


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