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Intros / What we’ve been doing lately


From: Dicas SK
Sent: 2015.03.03 20:51
To: Kira Tsukimoto,

Hi Kira,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been hearing your Podcasts and its just amazing! I’ve been playing eve for almost 3 years (in and out) and I got tired of the game, the ISK grinding and not having a bing corp that gives the social and meta side of EVE is something that I now realize is the big part of the game.

Keep up the amazing Job! I’m really happy that I joined Brave and always glad to help out!

@KaelDecadence: @kiratsukimoto just started listening to the podcast. Awesome stuff. I can’t wait for more Kira.

Mynxee: @KaelDecadence @TheNeocom @Mikeazariah Great podcast…Kira is hilarious.

Philip Grant: @RandomMcNally1 fine recommendation on @TheNeocom podcast – listened to first three and hooked. Perfect for an eternal veteran noob like me

George81: @TheNeocom Dear Kira and Proto thx for this fantastic new podcast. Hope you keep this running! You’ve a lot of friends in Germany too 🙂 o/

Katicus Crown: @TheNeocom Great show! Keep up the good work!

Ty42: You guys rock! You make my commute tolerable.

If you’d like to send us feedback, you can tweet to @TheNeocom, send an e-mail to, or send an in game email to Protovarious or Kira Tsukimoto

Intar: Hope you didn’t crash your truck again =P

Saturm Sam:Poster_vetor_001_v3

krentz -> THANK you for hanging in our in game channel! XD
Mal Asha: Thank you for the wonderful comments! Hope you stay in the game and ❤ it as much as we do! =D


Development News:

Sov Changes

Changes in Scylla Expansion: Ishtar nerf, Railgun rebalance, and Skynet.

UI Icon changes

Community News: ← lets win and get tha AWESOME SHIP =D

Q and A with RODEYN!

In The Dojo Segment:

Eve University Fight: HOW WE KICKED ASS… I mean;;;; GOOD FIGHTS E UNI? XD

Welcome to Eve Segment: Myths about Null Sec

Shoutouts / Plugs

Contact Information:
The Neocom Podcast is available through the RSS feed or by visiting us at If you’re tuning in via iTunes, please leave us a 5 star rating or give us a thumbs up on Stitcher. As always, you can email us at

Kira Twitter @KiraTsukimoto

Proto Twitter @Proto_eve

You can also follow the podcast Twitter @TheNeocom for website updates and articles.

We also have an ingame channel if you’d like to chat with us or just hang out with the coolest people in Eve. Join the in game channel “TheNeocom” – all one word.

Song selections for this podcast:

Trevor Rabin – Boost me
Curzon Dax – Noob, you’ll have an epeen soon

Disturbed – Land Of Confusion

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