Ronix Aideron
Ronix Aideron

In the first Tools of the Trade post Spreadsheets I showed how you can take information from the Eve-Central Market API and create dynamic spreadsheets based on market information.  This dynamic information allows you to understand what activities in the game are profitable.  This post is a continuation and will show ways to add even more information to a Google Document by introducing the Eve XML API and Eve-Kit libraries.

The topics discussed in this post are more advanced than just using formulas within a spreadsheet. If you are not familiar with writing or reading software code there will be more of a learning curve. Do not get intimidated by this.

gdocsGoogle Apps Scripts is a scripting language that is based on Javascript. If you are not familiar with either language there are plenty of resources on the web and Google websites that explain how to write within the language. Google Apps Scripts is the language that the ‘script editor’ within Google Docs uses.

The Eve XML API allows you to access character, corporation and Eve Universe information. The XML API has a limitation in that it will not provide any market information.  You will need to use the CREST API for that (maybe a future post) or the Eve-Central Market API.  Being able to pull in the other game information allows you to create any number of tools.

You can now create corporate tools for monitoring your POS’s or performing API checks.  Your personal tools can allow you to track your wealth or even organize the information outside of the game client. You could find any number of third party sites and tools that you can download and use that accomplish the same thing. The key point is that knowing how to pull this information yourself gives a few benefits:

  1. Develop a new skill (if you do not program today).
  2. Apply your own logic/rules to the information.
  3. Develop a tool that does not exist.

There is part of the community that has developed libraries to access this in-game information.  Eve-Kit is a resource that provides this information and more.  It is led by salacious necrosis and he has created two libraries that you can load into Google Docs to pull the Eve XML API information directly and if you register with their site you can pull information from the Eve-Kit API.

What is EvE-Kit?  It is a resource that is a one-stop area for any third party developers of Eve.  It allows you to leverage one site and use that information in any number of formats and tools.  It allows you to query the Static Data Export (SDE) within Eve.  The site also allows you as the third party developer a place to store this information.  As your tools become more sophisticated the data may go beyond the bounds of a spreadsheet.  Eve-Kit gives you options to solve this problem. To see the full functionality of the site looks at the blog posts and URL’s posted at the bottom of this post.

When you open your Google Apps Script you load the Eve-Kit Eve XML API library by selecting the Resources menu and selecting Libraries.  In the find Library dialog box you will enter the following string ‘MuQ6aA5S72iHaKqpOLw468zA3Wcg5FMSu’ and click Select.  This adds the library into your project. You can now call any of the functions within the library and the IDE of Google Apps Script will auto-complete just like any other.  You will need within your Google Document references to your Eve API information (key and vCode) and Character ID.  The Character ID is mandatory to use the library even if you are using functions that are not character specific.

I am not a software developer in real-life but, I use Eve as an excuse to learn more skills. In some ways Eve is more like a hobby than just a video game. Hopefully these Tools of the Trade posts have inspired you to create your own tools. It can be rewarding and allow you to fill a need for you or your corp.

Direct Links to the information provided in the post. – Blog for salacious necrosis – This is the library to pull Eve XML API information into Google Docs. – This is the library to pull the Eve-Kit API information into Google Docs.

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