Kira Tsukimoto

A fleet of 45 newbros (and vets that are newbro at heart), flying mostly T1 destroyers and some interceptors, are laughing and joking around on comms. They are all drunk or very much getting there thanks to a game of “Drink when FC says ‘Jump Jump Jump'”. The fleet is settled at the gate and are deciding where to go when the scout yells “Check Check Check!” The drunken conversation and laughter silences and the scout calmly says, “there is a fleet coming into you guys now. I see a Machariel, Brutix, Thorax, Vexor and a bunch of other stuff.”

Content Button? PRESSED!

The instructions are given out and despite the drunkeness, the comms are calm as the fleet moves into position and begn to orbit around the gate. Destroyers at 500 meters and the interceptors with warp disruptors and scramblers move to 10-15 kilometers off the gate and the fleet waits with bated breath.

A firm reminder is given. “Broadcast for reps guys!” The tension is real and the suspense is almost overwhelming when the local chat spikes with the grey icons and orange icons. A short time later, the ships are all decloaked and the fight is on. The Fleet Commander, new and confused, starts yelling, “Spread points! Hold them all down! Destiny in the Machariel is primary. The Macharial or however you pronounce it is primary!” All of the ships move and the targets are locked. The Machariel and all of the ships are held in place.

“Was I terrified? Hells yeah!”

Some of the lucky ships escape, but the rest are held by the interceptors and frigates with the wonderful points. The Machariel goes down to the fire of all of the rockets from the destroyers. The next ships, Brutix, Vexor, Thorax all fall victim. “GF (good fights)” are spammed in local and after the adrenalin rush and amazing kills that on paper didn’t seem all that easy and possible, the comms explode with excitement, laughter, giggles and the drunken high fives are thrown all across the internet.

The above is a short recap of a fleet I ran on 29 December 2014. I had been playing the game for a little over 2 months and I had just began to act in the role of a Fleet Commander. As a brand new FC, the fleet I just described to you had been a terrifying and adrenaline rushing experience. Leading a fleet of 45 people isn’t easy, because you have to bring a group of people with different minds and different experiences together to focus on a common goal.

Was I terrified? Hells yeah! After all, if I give the wrong instructions and the fleet wipes as my result, then it would be my responsibility! But… the thrill of directing a fleet and working together to achieve things that ought not to be possible? That is more than worth it!


FCing isn’t about Skill Points or what ships you can fly. It is about your leadership and communication skills as a person. I am by no means a great FC, because I am new, I am confused and I am more likely to mess up then succeed in my fleets. But I like leading people and strangely enough people seem to continue to come along to my fleets.

Now, you may have noticed, I talk about fleets are lot and you may ask the question, so do you do anything solo? Mostly? No… I tend to fly in fleets. Why? Because whatever I can do on my own, I could do better with a group and the company makes the game that much better!

Where do you find the fleets? Well, usually fleets are open to Corporations, Alliances or Coalitions or in the case of “Not Purple Shoot It (NPSI)” Roams, then it is open to everyone that can fly with them. You will find the fleet window by:

Neocom Menu > Social > Fleets

And you will be able to see the fleets that are available to you. Can’t find any fleets? Then make your own! No skills are required to just make a fleet! Go out there with a group and take on everything that the game offers you! Take on the role of a Fleet Commander (FC) and lead your fleet. Just remember that if you are an FC, you are responsible for your fleetand make sure that you lead them (even if it is to their doom) whilst having fun!

Throw yourself into the community and they will welcome you into the warm fold and that is all you need to do to make the game amazing!


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