Ronix Aideron
Ronix Aideron

I have been playing Eve since September of 2012. In that time I have had a lot of fun in the game. There were times where I slayed capital ships, evicted people from their home wormhole and been part of large logistics movements. Making a ding in the Universe is why I stay logged in and subscribed. Between those exciting times there are the slow ones. The random gate camps, standings grind and exploring for that wormhole that will free my Archon from a low sec prison.

The key to not becoming discouraged in the times of the game that are either slow or not rolling your way is to try something different. This is does not always mean rolling an alt, it just means that you may need to take up a new activity and learn about another aspect of the game. It is a way of taking a mental break and getting out of the rut or gain new perspective.

I play Eve with a hobbyist mindset. Not only do I enjoy the activities within the game but, I am able to use Eve as an excuse to develop new skills. My previous post on using Google Functions was one example. Always envious of people who can develop software I have taken on this as a goal for me in real life. Eve gives me problems that I need to solve and being able to develop software to solve the issue.

There are organizations within Eve that use fun per hour as a charter. This is a worthy goal but, for the individual there are times when you just can’t bring yourself to be in that Ishtar fleet again (or Logi). Or you hit a period of bad luck where you have lost a blingy ship or that your suitcase carrier is trapped in a low sec system and weeks of scanning has not freed it (I am not bitter at all).


For the new players these times come and the cure is to not unsub or be discouraged. Take a break for a couple of days, read up on the forums and think about trying something new. Yes, within the game you may need skills but, research and contributing to the community can be rewarding and not cost you any ISK.

Here are some ways to take advantage of the time.

Asset Clean Up

Are there ships just lying around that are fit badly or not part of current doctrine. You could repackage and get them hauled to Jita or a trade hub and sell them. Another option could be to sponsor a whelp fleet with them and try your luck at FC for the first time.


It seems like I never have tactical bookmarks for the region I live in. Instadock and Undock, Stargate Tacticals and deep safe are always in need.  You can take out a frigate or interceptor with a MWD and a cloak and spend some time getting to know your region again. Another way is to run some combat sites and bookmark the locations. You can see if any new neighbors have moved in using a Covert Ops.

Find Your Next Specialization

Determine what gap or opportunities there are within your group. Is there a need for a new service or flying a doctrine ship.  If you are good at tackle learn to use bubbles.  If you don’t have any ideas ask your organization leaders what needs they see. Chances are people have lists.

Start Something New

Being part of a corporation means you have access to other players.  Reach out to those that you fly with and develop a project that you guys can work on. Other players have ideas of things that they want to try and sometimes all it takes is a partner for a plan to come together.

In conclusion, when times are slow or you have taken a hit remember this. It has happened to the best and worst of us. The trick is to stop regroup and give yourself a mental break. This is a game or hobby and it needs to be enjoyable. There are plenty of things to do within the game.

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