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Saint Michael’s Soul ‏@SaintMichaelsSo

@Proto_Eve @veriante Just finished episode 2, keep up the great work!

Seamus MacNobody ‏@seamusmacnobody

2hr drive = getting my fun/hr re-listening to podcasts from @veriante @Proto_Eve @TheNeocom & hoping hotel WiFi doesn’t suck so I can play

Dorian Reu ‏@dorian_reu  Jan 26

@TheNeocom @veriante @Proto_Eve Did I just get a shoutout on episode 2 of the Neocom podcast? Yes, yes I did. And it’s Reu, like Roo!

The Minustarian ‏@minustar  Jan 26

@TheNeocom @Proto_Eve @veriante *squeeeeee* \o/ new podcast episode full of positive energy. Love it!

RandomMcNally ‏@RandomMcNally1  Jan 26

@veriante @eve_dentt @Proto_Eve Concur!  Really loving the new podcast.  Welcome to the podcast community!  Just not you, Proto.  😉

Cyrillian Voth ‏@CyrillianVoth  Jan 26

@Proto_Eve Bless. @veriante may be the chirpy youngster, but you’re both cute. 😀

Via Reddit: TheOneBlackMage

Enjoying the podcast, I’ll listen again.

One small piece of feedback – I am not aware of anyone who refers to Deadspace modules as “Blue Loot”. “Blue Loot” typically refers to the drops from Sleeper wrecks, as the circuitry icons for them are blue

  • Ancient Coordinates Database
  • Neural Network Analyzer
  • Sleeper Data Library
  • Sleeper Drone AI Nexus

Just a small change to avoid confusion.

From: Aidian Muvila

Sent: 2015.01.28 07:33

To: Kira Tsukimoto,

Good evening!!  At the moment I’m listening to a great new podcast (yours:-). Thanks for making the night go faster for me.  You guys are doing great and I appreciate the EVE fix you’re giving me!

If you’d like to send us feedback, you can tweet to @TheNeocom, send an e-mail to, or send an in game email to Protovarious or Kira Tsukimoto

Development News:

CCP Seagull’s Devblog – Tiamat

CCP Leeloo’s CSM Candidacy period announcement.

Community News:

Operation Magic School Bus – Mike Azariah

Q and A with the guests.

Biggest mistake you made as a newbie?

(Proto’s failmail:

Advice you would give to new players that you wish you would’ve known?

Eve is all about using tools both in and out of game. What is the ONE out of game tool that you would tell new players to start using now? – Mike – Bam

teamspeak / mumble / ventrillo – Otto , Twitter #Tweetfleet – Cagali – Kira

Dotlan – Proto

In The Dojo Segment:

Scammer gets scammed

Brave Games:

Welcome to Eve Segment:

The subject for this week’s Welcome to Eve segment comes to us this week from Apth and is now going to get a nice surprise with an extra 100 million ISK in his wallet.

Andrew @apthNZ · Jan 28

@veriante @TheNeocom why are fleet doctrines so homogeneous? Real world fleets aren’t just one ship class, and they seem to work ok

Shoutouts / Plugs

Contact Information:

The Neocom Podcast is available through the RSS feed or by visiting us at If you’re tuning in via iTunes, please leave us a 5 star rating or give us a thumbs up on Stitcher. As always, you can email us at

Kira Twitter @KiraTsukimoto

Proto Twitter @Proto_eve

You can also follow the podcast Twitter @TheNeocom for website updates and articles.

We also have an ingame channel if you’d like to chat with us or just hang out with the coolest people in Eve. Join the in game channel “TheNeocom” – all one word.

Song selections for this podcast:

Sindel Pellion – Titan –

(BONUS TRACK) Missy Elliott – Lose Control

Keith Urban – Somewhere In My Car


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