Ronix Aideron
Ronix Aideron

This is my first article in this game that we all share. I wanted to write about a topic that seems to get less press than many of the others within EvE. Without going into philosophical discussions on selflessness and why people go into fleets to not shoot people I wanted to go over briefly why flying Logistics can benefit you as the capsuleer.

I have found that one of the best ways to be part of fleets and feel that you adding value to the fights is by flying Logistics. Across the corps and alliances that I have been a part of, Logistics are almost always wanted and in large numbers. The reason for this is because Logistics are a force multiplier in fleets. Consistent logi members can also allow the theory crafters within your group reduce tank and increase gank in their doctrines. Larger groups will even SRP logistics before DPS, which means if there is a whelp with insurance you can easily break even if not make ISK by flying Logi.

Another way you can make money with Logi is by participating in incursion fleets. The benefit here is that you won’t need multi-billion ISK pirate battleships to be in the fleets. The top of the line logistics ships are the standard T2 that are available to everyone. Just like regular fleets, DPS is generally not the limiting factor. Logi can determine how many Incursion fleets are active for your community or when Vanguard fleets are upgraded to Assault or HQ fleets. Without using a single round of ammo, you can still bathe in ISK and Concord Loyalty Points.


The sub-capital ships that you will use for Logi duties are:

Tech 1


  • Inquisitor
  • Bantam
  • Navitas
  • Burst


  • Augoror
  • Osprey
  • Exequror
  • Scythe
Tech 2


  • Guardian
  • Basilisk
  • Oneiros
  • Scimitar

Now that you are interested in being a logi pilot, the next step is to learn how to get started and know what you need. There are a few skills that you will need to fly Logistics – Capacitor, Capacitor Relay, and Remote Repair modules; both armor and shield.

Engineering Category

  • Capacitor Management
  • Capacitor Systems Operation
  • Capacitor Emission Systems

Armor Category

  • Armor Compensation Skills (to IV)
  • Remote Armor Repair Systems

Shields Category

  • Shield Emission Systems
  • Shield Management
  • Shield Operation
  • Shield Upgrades

mindfloodCombat boosters are often used in Logistics wings of fleets so train up Biology. There are two primary combat boosters that Logistics pilots can take advantage of. The first booster is Mindflood. Mindflood is good for any pilot flying ships that are non cap transferring (Gallente and Minmatar). Though illegal in High Security space, standard Mindflood can give you up to a minute of extra capacitor while Improved Mindflood can almost make you cap stable (4 minutes +). The best part of Mindflood is that none of the side effects do anything to reduce your effectiveness as a logi pilot. Pilots can fret over the ominous Armor Repair Amount side effect but, this is for local reps only. As you are using remote reps, this is a non-issue.

xinstinctThe other combat booster that can be useful in logi wings is X-Instinct. This booster reduces your signature and can be useful for ships that cap chain (Amarr and Caldari). The side effects of this booster can hit the logistics pilot by reducing the armor or shield amount. (Neurotoxin Control can further reduce the severity of a side effect). With a proper cap chain running, you should always have a partner locked so you’ll be able to catch reps quickly. With a reduced signature you can also take relative less DPS.

Now that you are in the logistics wing of your fleet, there are a couple of things to do. The first is leverage your watch list. In smaller fleets, you may be able to place all of your other fleet members into the watch list. This will allow you to see who is getting hit even before the person broadcasts for reps. In larger fleets however, you will not be able to add everyone in the fleet to the watch list. For this reason, the best bet is to add the Fleet FC, other logistics pilots, as well as HICs and webbing Loki’s. DIC’s and scouts can also qualify but, they are usually too far off the fleet or thin on tank to take a spot. Remember that the watch-list is limited to how many people can be on it so make sure those who are there need to be. Everyone else in fleet can broadcast. These are the people doing other activities and may not be able to broadcast on time for reps. I like to always have a chat channel open just for Logi to help clarify questions and coordinate activities. Being a logi pilot means basically ignoring the commands of the fleet FC.

Let me explain a bit what I mean about ignoring the FC. The only things that you listen for as a logistics pilot from the fleet FC is align, warp to and jump commands. In fact I filter out my fleet history to only include align, warp-to, capacitor, armor and shield broadcasts. As a logistics pilot your job is to watch for broadcasts and monitor your watch-list and rep people who are eating DPS. You do not care who the primary target is and if you have a logi anchor you are following that person not the main fleet FC. In smaller fleets it is really no different other than there may be no logi anchor and you either anchor on the main FC or you are working to keep a position where the main fleet is between you and the evil doers.


The end game for sub-capital logistics pilots is Logistics V and racial cruiser V. The longest skill and the skill that separates the scrublords from the logi hero’s is Logistics V. This is the skill to do. It is a long train (~25 days with proper mapping and implants) but having this skill fully trained will allow even more flexibility and repping power to the ships that you fly. You will also want to make sure that you have the racial cruiser skill for the T2 ship to V.

If you are a newbie to Eve or a veteran PvP pilot that wants to try something new, consider trying logistics. It allows you a different perspective of the fleets and rounds out your ability to be seen as useful to the organization that you are a part of. At the end of the day, this is why we play the game. We want to impact the sandbox and contribute. Looking at logistics and rounding out this skill is a sure fire way to do that.



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