3 months ago today, I discovered Eve Online.

I started in High Sec and dutifully went through the tutorials. I was determined to stay out of a corporation until I knew what I was doing and could be a useful, contributing member. In other words, I had no idea what I was doing.

8 days into Eve Online: I was already prepared to quit. I had lost all my ships to rats and ganking plus being bored shitless of all the meaningless missions. I felt alone and isolated… and sad. Very very sad! “I will not be beaten!” I cried. Revenge against the gankers was priority one, so I bought a plex to fund my mission.

“I will not be beaten!” I cried.

9 days into Eve Online: I found out that Cagali Cagali, who was a friend of mine IRL, was in game and the HR manager of a corporation called Brave Newbies. After talking about my experiences so far, I did as he told me and applied. An escort fleet was formed and my little Corax was filled with all of my really important shit. I was almost into null sec when I exploded gloriously just shy of my new home. Little did I know at the time that I would soon enjoy being blown up and even have fun just sitting and spinning ships in the station. Thank you BNI!

12 days into Eve Online: I tried to go back to high sec to do the Sisters of Eve arc. I lasted two days before I moaned that I was bored and isolated. I missed home. Cagali told me to get my arse back to GE. I came back to GE straight away with my tail tucked in and have never returned since.

28 days into Eve Online: I went to Eve Down Under and instantly I fell head over heels in love with the community. Not to mention Cagali’s passion and excitement helped build a new respect for my friend. I then fell utterly in love with the “This Is Eve” trailer and since then, I’ve watched it a hundred times over.


1 month into Eve Online: I sat in the Brave Dojo chat channel and learned about the shortage of teachers. I then sat in six newbro Fleet Mechanics classes. After the 6th, I began to run my own. Newbro Fleet Mechanics quickly turned into Tackling classes, EWAR, Exploration, Combat Scanning, and horror of horrors – Fleet Commanding Classes. During this time, I found friendship from both newbros and vets and quickly felt like I was truly a part of the Brave community.

6 weeks into Eve Online: I started to FC fleets outside of classes by running drunk roams and fun roams. We whelped more often than not in a fit of giggles and flames. Soon after, I became a Dojo Officer so I could hand out ships and fill contracts. I fit ships to meet the needs of the newbros and more often than not stole a couple of ships just so I can go out and be blown up gloriously.

2 months or so into Eve Online: I was given the tag of Junior FC and started getting involved in StratOps. I cried whilst Lumpy and Blue yelled at me for being shit… lessons were learned and I am still shit, but I’m working on it. I promise.


10 weeks into Eve Online: After appearing on one of his first podcasts, I was invited to work with Protovarious who told me of his vision behind The Neocom. I thought it was an odd idea at the time – a newbro working with a veteran player to introduce Eve Online to people and make it a podcast that was completely Newbro friendly. TheNeocom.com may be the brain child of Protovarious, but it is a spoiled child that we both love. We will continue to do whatever we can to attract new players into the game and keep them here.

3 months into Eve Online: I am now running the recently renewed Events Division of the Brave Dojo. Somehow, I’ve managed not to be fired as a Junior FC even though I continue to whelp fleets regularly. I have worked with even more amazing people on projects for the Brave newbros as well as the HERO Coalition as a whole.

So we come to today where I took the fact that I have hit 3 months in the game to reflect a little. In retrospect, I am proud of what I’ve achieved and I’m going to let myself be proud. But more importantly, I am absolutely amazed by everyone in Brave, especially the love and support in this community. I also wanted to let the newbros in particular know that having low skill points isn’t a limitation. If I can do all this with less than four million skill points and very little game knowledge, then you can too!

ALSO, I’d like to remind everyone that the BNI birthday events are coming up at the end of the month. Please join in on the fun and lets continue to make the game and the community better for everyone!



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