As briefly discussed in Episode 1 of the podcast, The ISD (Interstellar Services Department) is a volunteer organization of players selected to serve their community in Eve in a myriad of ways. In total, there are six divisions in which players can put their time and effort into giving back to the community and serving the game at large. These are:

Many people have only dealt with members of the CCL team in the Eve Forums, and may not realize just how far of a reach the ISD teams have in improving our quality of life. Arguably, it’s a thankless job requiring the knowledge that while CCP may be communicative in appreciation for your efforts, the community at large may never realize the effort you put in to the fullest extent. Service and selflessness may need to be high on the list of your personal attributes, but the satisfaction in bettering the community could be the best paycheck. Does this sound like you?

For those with a desire to put their talents to work in a way that benefits the richness of the Eve Online community, history, and overall quality, the teams of ISD may just be right up your alley. It’s not a secret that some on the ISD teams have gone on to work for CCP in an official capacity. Are you next?

For a complete description of job descriptions and requirements, please see the Volunteer Program page of the Eve Community website.

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