Not Purple Shoot It – The doctrine of forming a fleet for the sole purpose of shooting anyone who isn’t a part of it. A truly unique part of what makes Eve Online so varied and unpredictable, pilots from corporations and alliances all over New Eden put their politics and loyalties aside for the sake of having fun.

At first, flying side-by-side with your enemies might seem counterintuitive in an MMORPG. In games like WoW for instance, you can’t just decide to join a battleground and team up with players of the opposite faction to go punch people in the face. In Eve Online, you can.

“The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy”

There are MANY player groups within Eve that fly this doctrine to include RvB Ganked, Spectre Fleet, Redemption Road, Bombers Bar, and Agony Unleashed. Current CSMX candidate Jayne Fillon has kept an updated list of current in game NPSI fleets that you can check out and join. You can check out his Eve Online In Game Events and Gatherings post, contribute your own group to the list, or ask questions about forming your own NPSI fleet. There are no requirements aside from flying the preferred doctrine of the NPSI fleet you’re choosing to join.

NPSI has continued to grow in popularity over the last few years and it’s no wonder why. These roams are providing some of the most exciting content in the game due to them not being constrained by current in game political meta. A pilot within one of these NPSI fleets may find himself shooting his own allies. That in itself tends to make these fleets as controversial as they are popular.

For more information, check out the thread in the forums and contact the fleets listed via their respective in game channel. Fleet up, have fun, and shoot all the things!



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