The response to the podcast has been outstanding. We’re continuing to hear great feedback and we’re building on that energy. Resources still need to be listed, the community continues to grow, but Kira and I are inundated with requests for regularly scheduled podcasting whilst I try to build the website. There’s a thousand things to do and only us to do it. This is where you come in!

As you can see, it is our interest to keep track of community related spotlights and events. This resource is being developed to strictly showcase the aspects of the community of Eve, it’s people, and it’s developers. It is not our intention to be a competitor with established news sites. There will be no “meta gaming” here.

Your participation, paid in ISK, will be salaried at first. Articles do not have to be a certain length, but they need to do the job. For example, an in game event needs to have all the pertinent information the attend and described well. Personalize it. Our goal is to attract more players so keep it exciting. I’m not an editor by any stretch, but submissions will be proof read.

As we attract new players and sponsors, you will reap the benefits. I also realize commitments are sometimes impossible so guest submissions are always welcome. For more information about this opportunity, send us an email to with your in game character name. A sample article or real article submission would be ideal but not required. Let’s continue to spotlight the excitement, ingenuity, and passion of Eve Online!

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