As revealed on the o7 show, a partnership between Bam Stroker and Ariel Rin has resulted in an out-of-game tool that has been in the works for about an year and much anticipated by the Eve community at large:!

From any community gatherings, small to large, you can find meetups in your local area by a simple point and click map navigation. If you don’t see an event in your area, you can register on the site to receive email notifications when there’s a meetup you may be interested in. If you register your own event, those who have registered for notifications will automatically receive emails of it.

On-site user registration was very simple. Name, email address, desired password, and character name – voila! Done. Choose where you want to be alerted for meetups and you’re registered. These notifications are mostly continental, but there is a separate selection for west or east coasts in North America as well as anywhere in the United States. Very handy!

To contact for questions, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter at, or talk to Bam or Ariel in-game.


(Edit: Too many stories opened at once) Nashh wasn't on this team, duuurrr.)

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