In celebration of their second birthday, Brave Newbies will be celebrating in true BNI fashion. The newly established Brave Dojo Events Division will be offering a double serving of virtual cake by running two separate events.

To start, on January 31st at 0100 Eve time, a Historical Roam open to everyone is planned to take a walk back in time to several former Brave Newbie homelands. Guest speakers will be in attendance. Event organizer,‘s own Kira Tsukimoto, asks that for this roam, you bring what ship you were flying when you first started in Brave Newbies.

Secondly, starting on January 30th and running until February 1st, there will be Atron only roams sponsored by Dropbears Anonymous. Kira outright REFUSES to tell me what’s going to happen during this event, but she does say not to have implants. In her language, that means you’re all going to die…aww yeah!

All corporations within the alliance will be participating. Desolate, EX-F, Lollipops, Disipulli and Kite Co. will also be celebrating their birthdays. Further details can be found in the Brave Newbies Reddit forum or by contacting Kira Tsukimoto in-game.

(As a public service, The Neocom wishes to remind everyone who is organizing this event. By this, you should expect excessive drinking, death, explosions, prizes, unexpected encounters with superior forces, uncontrollable laughter, and squealing on comms.)


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