In one of the most op-sec announcements in memory – that wasn’t so op-sec to the Twitterverse following #Tweetfleet, the BRAVE Director of Infernal Repairs, Cagali Cagali announced his candidacy for the 10th Council of Stellar Management.

Rumors had been circling for some time whether Cagali² was going to take up the mantle and run. A long time Brave Newbie around since it’s inception nearly two years ago, Cagali is the first announced official candidate for CSMX by Brave Newbies. For information on what the Council of Stellar Management is, please see the official Eve Community page. Information for the current list of candidates for CSMX can be found on the Eve Online Forums.

Cagali is running on a platform based around improving the New Player Experience. He was one of the honorary guest speakers at the Eve Down Under event held in November 2014:

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