In case you missed it, Episode 1 of The Neocom Podcast is now LIVE! Kira and I were so excited to get it out and fulfill our promise of having it out early January, that we fought through sleep deprivation being up all night and finally recorded. No doubt many more sleepless nights lay ahead as we continue to work on getting the website up to par. Things are a little untidy at the moment, but please bear with us as we move to bring you our full vision of being the PREMIER resource for attracting and retaining new players to Eve Online.

The feedback on a technical level has been solid. As we grow, we will continue to work on improving the production quality of both the podcast and the website. As more and more articles are posted, our resources will multiply. So like any child, we must first learn to crawl before we run. The ideas are many, the vision is grand, and there are only so many hours in a day.

When we say that this is a community-focussed resource for the new play, we mean it. As things expand, I will talk a bit more about submitting contributions and articles. All submissions are welcome as long as it is considered a good resource or story for new players. But like I said, more on that as things really get going.

Thank you for joining us on The Neocom. We look forward to your suggestions and serving our community!

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