Episode Intro’s

What have we been doing in game lately

Community News:

CCP staff and the ISD have several call to arms posted for volunteers in the official Eve Forums:

On an ongoing note, The Yulai Archive and Record Repository maintainers of EVElopedia, the official EVE online wiki are always looking for official volunteers.

And finally, the Community Communications Liaisons (CCL) team is ALWAYS looking for volunteers.

Development News:

CCP Seagull has released her highly anticipated DevBlog:

CCP Rise gives us a current update on these ships over on his DevBlog:

In the ongoing “Module Tiercide” effort, 10 new module classes will be getting reworked: CCP Terminus provided us with a breakdown over on his DevBlog:

Industrial teams that were introduced with the Crius expansion are going bye-bye.

We’re getting some new effects for asteroid belts and the beta map.

We got a quick update on the current state of Nullsec sovereignty mechanics development.

Rhea First Impressions – LIVE!


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  1. Thank you for a new and fresh show. I just learned a thing from your show: Why I was so mad that I lost my Providence. Because, I mined most of the minerals and let it build from a friend. So, I build a “relationsship” to that ship. And then I was shot in Jita. Me, shot, in JITA! I’m so risk averse that even Hello Kitty Online is too hard for me. Thank you for the insight, because at other losses I was’nt so mad. So, go on, I will listen to you^^


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