The Neocom is LIVE! A community-focused podcast and website, we specialize in bringing player driven content and the latest development spotlights from CCP Games.

Our mission: To grow the Eve Online community through resource gathering of material related to the new player experience. To present this material in a friendly and inviting format of podcasting, website resources, and personal attention.

It’s no secret that Eve Online is a game that is known for it’s perceived “learning cliff” and immersive sandbox. It’s our mission here at the Neocom to be THE one-stop resource for new players with information and articles that will also appeal to veterans of the game.

Although pertinent news stories may be covered, they will be community and development focussed. It is not our desire to enter the news community and the meta-game related stories of propaganda, or any behavior that discourages open gameplay, personal choice, or pushing certain agendas. We hope you’ll join us as your go-to resource for the new player of Eve Online.


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